Just as we were leaving our room at Planet Hollywood, dressed to the nines to attend the Miss America Pageant, Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear walks by. He was staying just a few doors down from us. Clinton is appearing in the Pageant as a back story commentator.


I remember my lesson in Pretty Smart: Lessons from out Miss Americas, about showing up when luck presents itself and so I said hi.  We had just been watching WNTW in our room as we got dressed.


These days, boldness is part of my modus operandi.  So I introduced myself and pulled out a copy of Pretty Smart. (I don’t go anywhere these days without a copy glued to my hip)  Seeing his interest, I offered him the copy.  He was off to the dressing rooms to get dressed for the pageant and so asked that I leave it for him. 


I asked him how he got into fashion and he told me that he had been a writer and then… the elevator doors opened and we went our separate ways – us to the theater, he to get buffed and polished for his television appearance.


Later that night I wrote him a note and hung a copy of Pretty Smart in a bag from his hotel room door handle.  It was gone by early morning.  I hope he was the one who got it.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know!