Earlier this week I gave a talk before a group called the Passion Project here in Connecticut.  Each month the moderator (my dear friend and fellow author, Prill Boyle) invites a woman to share her journey and her passion. 

As I thought about what I would say and listed the seminal moments in my life, I realized that the thread that ran through my various travels towards achievement, around obstacles and through my own self doubts is that I showed up.  I showed up when opportunity presented itself.  I showed up when I was looking for a new path.  I showed up even though my knees were quaking.

And more than showing up, when you’re just a face in the crowd, I raised my hand and said, “here I am” to that opportunity, to facing adversity, to struggling with my own limiting beliefs. 

There is no secret to fulfilling a passion or a dream.  The ingredients are the same, though the mix may be different for each of us.  Persistence, discipline, focus, courage and vision are the drivers in our soul that keep us moving forward. 

More important than saying to no to distractions, other’s negative opinions or potential barriers, is saying YES! to our dreams.  When you show up and raise your hands, your are saying Yes to yourself.  There is no more powerful engine of success than that.