At noon on February 23, I’ll be reading a chapter from my book, Pretty Smart: Lessons from our Miss Americas on BlogTalkRadio, AUTHORS READ show hosted by Lillian Brummet.  You can hear the LIVE broadcast via your computer simply by going to the site and clicking on the “click to listen” button. You can also call-in to hear the show at 347-215-8319. 

For the LIVE broadcast, there will be a chat room available by clicking on the button for the chat room on the Authors Read website. If you register as a listener you can participate in the chat by using your keyboard. Otherwise you will show up as a “guest” and will only be able to watch what is happening in the chat room. Either is fine, people do both.

If you can’t make the live broadcast you can access the ARCHIVED broadcast of my reading at any time of the day by downloading it to your computer, CD or mp3 player. Archived broadcasts are listed according to the month in which they aired.

Please do tune in!