Though many say that Miss America is passé and irrelevant, that great equalizer of a newspaper, USA TODAY, has recognized her iconic place in American society by placing Miss America on its list of Ten Great Places to Find True Americana in a recent issue. 

 The article highlights places and events that remain rooted in the heart and soul of the American past which are included in Gary McKechnie’s National Geographic book USA 101: A Guide to America’s Iconic Places, Events and Festivals.

 Here’s the excerpt from the USA TODAY article. 

“ Miss America Pageant, Las Vegas
Beauty contests are an American staple, but this is the Super Bowl. McKechnie says the event has enjoyed a renaissance of popularity since moving from Atlantic City six years ago. There are three days of preliminaries before the finals in the pageant (the next one is Jan. 26-30), and tickets are sold for each round. “One night they do talent, one night evening gowns and so on, so it is pretty easy to buy tickets. Whatever they choose to do for the talent show they do very well, so the quality of the performance is as good as any show on the Vegas Strip.” 

Tarnished though her crown may be to some, even those of us who think that we’ve moved past it, when shaken or stirred, reveal a guilty fascination in the same way that we furtively scan the celebrity tabloids at the grocery store check-out counter. 


Though younger generations may not have experienced the same direct exposure, everyone knows of Miss America.  And, as an 88 year old American institution, she’s still one beautiful lady.