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I’ve started getting feedback from all the folks who have read Pretty Smart: Lessons from our Miss Americas.  Here are some of their comments.

“I just received “Pretty Smart”, your very impressive book.  How grateful I am for all the time and effort you have given for something good and positive.”  Jean Bartel, Miss America 1943.

Me & Jean Bartel, Miss America 1943

Me & Jean Bartel, Miss America 1943

“I had a chance to read some of your book today and it offers so many good and inspirational lessons.  Your concept of Miss Americas as mentors of these lessons was brilliant.”  Adair Heitmann, author

“Congratulations!  You did a wonderful job.  I htought you wove all the girls’ observations and reflections into a truly inspirational whole.  Thank you too for your accuracy.  I so appreciate your diligence in getting all the quotes right  The book is articulate and insightful and I hope you will use all that talent to write lots more.”  Lynda Meade, Miss America 1960

Here’s some more photos of people who bought Pretty Smart at the Miss America Pageant last month.







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