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There they were, eleven of the twenty-two fabulous former Miss Americas that I interviewed for Pretty Smart: Lessons from our Miss Americas – glamorous and beautiful and gracious as ever.  Bob and I attended the fundraising gala, Evening of Dreams, held last night before tonight’s telecast of the Miss America Pageant at 8 pm on TLC.


Close to a thousand people filled the grand ballroom at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. I had crammed a couple of books in my bag and it didn’t take but a few minutes sitting down with strangers at a big round table for me to sell one.


The Gala, of course as these things do, had different price tiers.  The VIPs got to sit up front with the Miss America or current contestant of their choice.  A velvet rope separated the balcony priced folk from the grand circle group.  But that rope didn’t stop me from walking around it and making my way down to the front to say hello to my Miss Americas. I was following my own lessons from Pretty Smart.  You’ve got to be bold to get what you want!


All I needed to do was to show up and as soon as they saw me, it was big hugs and congratulations.  I don’t have my UBS cable with me to download all the pictures Bob took, but when I get home you’ll see me with Gretchen Carlson (1981), Heather French (2000), Lee Meriwether (1955), Shawntel Smith (1996), Jean Bartel (1943), Jennifer Berry (2006), Rebecca King (1974), Donna Axum (1964), Susan Powell (1981), Vonda Van Dyke (1965) and Ericka Dunlap (2004).


I asked Bob between chats with all of them if he ever thought when he married me sixteen years ago that he would be hobnobbing with all these beautiful women one day in Las Vegas.  Who knows what wonderful adventures yet await!

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