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Nothing like a little press when you’ve been working really hard to get the word out to make you feel like a million bucks.  Today in my Miss America Google alerts, this article about me popped up.  Wowsa!

About three weeks ago I had been interviewed by Bonnie Adler, a feature reporter for the Westport Minuteman here in Connecticut about my journey to write Pretty Smart: Lessons from our Miss Americas.  I had begun to despair that I would see it, given that she had been so enthusastic about my story and had said that it would probably be in the paper that very week.   Oh ye of little faith…

So I proved to myself once again, that patience is a virtue.  And I have to remind myself that it isn’t about me.  People with the best of intentions will sometimes not  do what they say they will do.  And though it may feel like a personal rejection, that is the farthest notion from those folks’ minds.

About four weeks ago, I sent out fourteen press releases and last week was the first time my seeds started to bear fruit.  The one other article that has been published so far I had written for those papers to publish.  For this article Bonnie interviewed me and wrote it herself. 

I remind myself everyday I have to keep taking steps forward even if it may seem for that moment that I’m on a treadmill and not making any headway.  Sooner or later, as long as I keep stepping, I’ll find myself in a different place.  And where ever I end up, the adventure is always worth it.  Now that’s pretty smart!

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